Generating revenue from your hotel´s FREE WIFI will be key in 2017

Generating revenue from your hotel´s FREE WIFI will be key in 2017

For hotels and resorts over the last few years have always been faced with the same issue, which is the urgent need to improve their WIFI infrastructure so their guests can enjoy their favourite series on Netflix, upload and download photos or videos without waiting an age for the task to be completed.  Hotels, in general, have been extremely lax in providing quality of service, as the cost to improve the infrastructure could never be offset by the revenue it could generate.   Some hotels charge for the service which is not desirable, as according to who released a survey which stated that free WiFi was the most desired in-room amenity.  Also, from the moment of check-in, either you are giving a small piece of paper with a password on it, or written on your key card folder, or you are provided access without the need to introduce a password.  As we move forward into an era in which a guest will be able to check in, open their room door and pay their bill from their smartphone, interaction with your reception staff will become less and less especially in business hotels.

Bearing this all in mind then, how can a hotel generate revenue from their hotel’s FREE WIFI service?


The answer is using Social WIFI technology.  So how does it work, let’s take it in 3 easy steps:-


Providing simple and easy access to your FREE WIFI service is key.  By allowing your guest to sign in one time only to your service using their favourite social media channel which in the majority of cases will Facebook or just completing a simple form, whether a guest speaks with your reception staff of not, they will able to gain access quickly to your WIFI.  Clients will be encouraged as well to connect to your social media pages, which automatically increases your fan base and also provides increased visibility.  Guests will also be accustomed to connecting to WIFI using this method especially in Travel where this technology exists in the majority of airports across the world



Now, while your guest is enjoying your high-speed internet access, you are gaining an insight into your guests.  Demographics, guests interests, how long do your clients spend online and email addresses to name a few.  The statistics gleaned from your guests connecting to your WIFI service will allow you to be more targeted with marketing campaigns as well as design offers and services that suit more your guest requirements.  However data collection is only one part, you will also be able to see where in your hotel or resort guests are connecting to your service, how they move around your hotel which will allow you to correctly position marketing for promotions or events that will be taking place at your hotel or improve signage or layouts.  You will also be able to identify and collect data from conference attendees, Diners at your restaurant or spa users even if they are non-residents.  Again sourcing this information will allow you personalise your marketing campaigns.



So your guests are connected to your WIFI and you an understanding better your guest’s interests and requirements.  Now, it’s time to take action.  Here´s how.  Firstly, right from the sign-up page, you can promote any events or special promotions that your are currently offering.  By knowing at what time of day the majority of your guests are connected, you can also send via email and SMS personalised messages.   You can make them aware of what is going on at your hotel or just simply ask them to provide feedback on their stay which you can encourage them to share on Google, Facebook or Tripadvisor.  Another avenue to generate revenue is to allow companies that have products displays within your resort the ability to promote their offers via your WIFI.


In summary, by using Social WIFI technology, not only are you making easier for your guests to connect, you are gaining a data capture & marketing tool that will allow you to understand your clients better as well improve your TrevPar revenue and direct bookings.  There is clear data to suggest that we are in the final days of rate parity across Europe, so it is imperative that any hotel or resort is wishing to build an extensive database of users to encourage them to book direct, Social WIFI should be an essential part of this.

If you would like to discuss with us how Social Wifi and generate revenue for your hotel, email



Solving the Guest Data puzzle for hotels to increase Revenue & Guest Satisfaction

Solving the Guest Data puzzle for hotels to increase Revenue & Guest Satisfaction

The amount of data we as individuals share online has increased year by year.  From what we post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter gives a little insight into the type of person we are.  Over the last few years, we have seen companies starting to take advantage of the numerous amount of data we share every day.  For example, Google started sending me emails to remind me to leave feedback on the level of service from shops and businesses I had visited recently.  Shopping Centres are now assessing what stores you visit to personalise messaging to match your interests.  The “Big Data” era is upon us, yet Hotels have been slow to react to this change because trying to capture data from their guests without being intrusive has always been a puzzle.

Keyboard with Big Data Button.

When I speak to Directors of Hotels, there is a belief that guests do not want to be disturbed, do not wish to fill in too many forms, clients do not like being asked too many questions about their stay.  But what about if by finding out just a little bit more about our guests, we can provide that unique personalised service that we all want to deliver.

So how can hotels achieve this in a cost-effective way and solve the Guest Data puzzle?  Here are a few ideas:-



Well, let’s start with the most complicated part first, yet one you can start straight away – Keeping up to date guest information on your CRM or PMS.  Training ALL your staff to help build a strong profile of your clients is paramount.  From dates of birthdays to allergies, this is vital to avoid asking the same questions everytime your regular guests stay with you.  Active communication between departments is key to complete guest profiles.  Simple I know, but so many hotels miss this part out.  How many hotels have sent you a birthday greeting? remembered that you had a nut allergy?,  or a Thank you gift for staying 5 or more times at your hotel?  These are little details that say a lot to a guest and can make all the difference as well as helping to build a direct relation with the hotel instead of always booking your hotel on their favourite OTA!

Now, that the hard part is out the way, now onto the easy part – Using Technology to capture data.


Social WiFi

If your Hotel or Resort hosts guests, especially from foreign countries, most likely as soon as they arrive at the reception desk, they are pleading for the username and password to access the WIFI, so they avoid roaming charges and can connect their IPad to watch their favourite series on Netflix. Now instead of just handing over the code, allow them to connect to your WIFI network via their favourite social media account or fill in a short online form.   There are some significant benefits for your hotel or Resort by doing it this way:-

  1. They become a fan of one of your Social Media Channels
  2. Email address, Country of Origin, Sex, Age and Date of Birth are all stored (Great marketing resource)
  3. You can pinpoint where people connect, so if you are hosting a conference, you will be able to segment between conference visitors, wedding invitees and in-house guests to personalise messaging.
  4. Instant Notifications of any events taking place that evening straight to those that are connected online to your hotel.
  5. Find out how your visitors react due to different weather conditions as you can see where in your hotel they are connecting which is correlated with the actual weather on the day.

Building a marketing database, increasing your social media fans and informing your guests of significant events taking place while they are at your hotel are powerful tools.  Social Wifi also connects into to your existing infrastructure so an extremely affordable way to generate Revenue and guest data which could come in handy, especially if you are currently in need of justifying the investment in improving the speed of your WIFI, a current dilemma for hotels & resorts.


Concierge Apps

As an hotelier, we are always thinking about ways to improve what we offer and deliver what our guests want.  We want to find out but at the same time, we do not wish to be intrusive during their stay with us.  A unique and relatively new way for hotels to reach out to the clients is via Apps that can take advantage of either GPS or IBeacon technology.  Say your client was entering your garden restaurant, the app will automatically send a notification to your customer which could ask their opinion, advise them of any special offers or what is the dish of the day.  We are seeing more and more each day; guests are using concierge apps to ask for extra pillows, room service or book taxis.  All of this data is stored; so you can gain a pattern of your regular guests to determine the everyday needs and wants so you have them ready for their next stay without even asking!


Yield Management

Award-winning software for booking engines can now source so much information, from lead times to average nights based on searches. From which page did they get to your booking engine or what was the weather like on the day they booked.  All fundamental questions so you can understand your Web visitors better.  By understanding what they are looking for, can enable you to promote the right deals and offers at the right time and obtain optimal rates on bookings.

By being smarter in the way you capture data, which you can then use to the benefit of your guests by providing a personalised service that will set you apart from the rest.  Guests share data all the time, Now it’s your turn to start to using it to enhance their experience with you and, of course, increase your overall revenue performance.

Require a strategy that enables you to understand better your guests whilst improving your hotels or resorts profitability?  Hotelient can help, email: to start the conversation.


5 simple tips to increase your reservations with photos & videos

5 simple tips to increase your reservations with photos & videos

We all know that photos and videos are a great way to sell your hotel or resort right?  So why is it one area where the majority of hotels have under-invested!  We are living in an age where photos and even more so videos are taking on a greater importance.   The way we all connect and interact online makes it difficult for you get your hotel to stand out from the crowd and show why you are different and better than your competitors.

In 2015, just having a picture of your exterior, lobby and bedroom doesn´t cut it.  You have to entice your prospective guests through original photos and videos.  What are your unique features?  Why are you different?  Do you have unique personalities within your team that your clients love?

Here are five simple tips to show you how to get the most from your photos and videos which will help increase your visibility and reservations:-

  • Planning – Before you even call a photographer, you need plan what photos you think the best show off your hotel.  Look at guests comments to gauge how clients see you, which parts of the hotel do they think are your strong points?  Preparation is key by having Flowers,  extra amenities.  fruit platters, suitcases, cocktails or champagne ready to decorate your rooms, bars lobbies etc.  If you have the budget, organise for a professional to decorate the spaces you want to photograph.  Warm, open faces speak thousands of words in a picture,  ensure your staff are aware that there is photo shoot taking place.   Again, if you have the budget, use models who can help you show what your guests can enjoy when they are staying with you. From drinking a glass of champagne on the terrace overlooking your swimming pool to enjoying a dessert at your buffet restaurant.  By being clear beforehand and knowing what you want, will allow you get the most from your photos.  Also, if your hotel boasts MICE facilities, Spa, Golf, etc., these also need to be prepared and decorated.  A photographer does not know your hotel; you do!


  • Investigate – We would all love to have a big marketing department helping us, coming up with great new original ideas for creating photos and videos for your hotel or resort.  The reality is that most of the independent hoteliers cannot afford that luxury, but what we can do is look on the web and source ideas that can be adapted to your hotel.  One of my personal favorites promotional hotel videos (Shown below) was Nobu Hotel @ Caesars Palace.  They show off the whole hotel in a video that is original and engaging.   The key is to explain to your video producer is a concept that suits your target audience (business, couples, families, etc.) so that they can translate it into a video for you.

  • Editing – Once you have an excellent selection of impacting and beautifully presented photos.  The next stage is to get them adapted for your various social media pages, website, and other pages which publish your hotels photos.  Another great technique is to add a few words to each photo to perfectly describe them and show off your major strengths for example “Deluxe Room with fantastic views” or “Free High-Speed WIFI.”


  • Publishing – With your selection of photos and videos now ready, ensure that all your agents, website, OTA´s and social media update their pages with these new images.  There are services that you can contract which can help you with this process.  The key is that wherever your prospective guest finds you, they see the same photo.
  • Don´t Stop there!! – Once you have your hotels, official photos and videos completed, which you should update once every couple of years.  You can now start to build an excellent collection of pictures of some of the many significant events, celebrities that you host at your hotel.  Videos of guests commenting about their stay are also very compelling.  If you have a cocktail bar then why not a quick  1 min video showing your guests on how to make the perfect cocktail like shown in this video below from Iceland Air Hotels.  Be creative and original, videos and photos are great at promoting what kind of guest experience your future clients can enjoy.  We all have a fantastic camera and video recorder on our smartphones, just hook them up to a tripod and with a little help from programs such as Camtasia and you will be well on your way!

Have fun, allow your staff to participate, they can also be a source of new ideas.  By updating your current photographs and videos as well as generating fantastic new content, will provide your guests who are viewing your hotel to understand in greater depth why you are unique and why they should choose to stay with you rather than one of your competitors.

Are you frustrated that your online bookings are not increasing?  Email us at for more information on how Hotelient can work with you to implement a proven online strategy that delivers results.


Simple handy guide to help you prepare your hotel´s online marketing strategy for 2016

Simple handy guide to help you prepare your hotel´s online marketing strategy for 2016

About this time of year, most Director of Sales & General Managers are sitting down to finalize their Sales & Marketing budgets and plan for 2016………..Best time of the year,  right before the RFP season begins!

So to help you all, here is a handy guide for you to plan your online marketing strategy.


Website – The most important part of any online strategy is your own website.  Key things to take in consideration or at least be asking your providers or technical team.

  • Is my website mobile optimized? –  Google now penalizes non-responsive websites on searches from a mobile phone
  • Do I promote Guest reviews? – Showing off your great guest reviews increases your online conversions.
  • Are my photos up to date – Photos are key for hotels.  If they are more than 3 years old, update them.
  • Have I got any videos to show?- Videos are key in the selling process, a great video about your hotel on your homepage is a great selling point……..and google loves it too!
  • Can my content be updated quickly –  If you are relying on 3rd parties to update your content, this is not the best idea when we are living in an era where content is king.  Updating your website should be a question of minutes.
  • Is my website in my guests language? – Numerous studies have shown that when a hotel´s website is in your guests local language, they are more likely to buy directly from you.
  • Can my website add Landing pages and pop-up windows? – These are great for data capture and client retention.

Booking engine

  • Is my booking engine easy to use from a client´s perspective?  Many booking engines are great for revenue managers but a minefield for clients.  Compare yours with and see how it stacks up
  • Add-ons or extras to be shown after initial reservation? – This is proven to increase your revenue against showing them during the initial process.  Does show extras or Add-Ons?  So why do you let your guest choose one, when they are more likely to be  looking to compare your prices with an OTA?
  • Create separate booking engines for unique offers – Putting your booking engine in more on more pages with only some of your great promotions is key to driving revenue.  Ask your provider whether they can create this for you



  • Can my channel manager connect to Google/Tripadvisor /Trivago and other meta search agencies? –  If they cannot, look for alternative solutions.
  • Should my Channel Manager & Booking engine be separate? –  The success of your booking engine will depend on how much your provider is investing to keep up with the industry trends, so by separating them, will allow you to move between providers more freely without the hassle.


  • If your hotel already investing in Adwords but not connected to Google HPA? If the answer is no then you need to get this sorted.  Also, Google RLSA has a better rate of conversion and could be a smarter investment.  Talk to your provider about RLSA or read this recent article.
  • Retargeting Ads are a worthwhile investment, as studies have shown clients visit about 20 web pages before deciding on where they are going to book.
  • Ensure your website has up to date Keywords, SEO Description and Titles on every page.
  • SEO is now not just about backlinks, Google users over 200 algorithms now so just doing one thing is not enough



  • Your reputation is key, not only from a point of monitoring but also to incentivise direct reservations.
  • Generate online feedback for your guests to complete and promote it across your social media, website and Videos.

Social Media

  • Is your Community manager or Social media manager just promoting offers and showing pictures and videos of your hotel?  If they are, tell them to stop or look to replace them.
  • Social media is all about telling stories, interaction, and conversation.  One golden rule, only 20% of your content should be your promotions, the rest should be about your destination, events, interesting stories, interviews etc.  Read this article on how to get the best out of your social media.
  • Building your youtube channel with videos of your hotel, interviews, guest reviews is also a great tool.  40% of all global searches are for videos which are set to rise to nearly 70% by 2018.

Other Technologies

  • Social WIFI – By getting you guests to connect to your FREE WIFI through their social media accounts should be a no brainer for hotels.  No only do they get more followers, you also get their email address, that can be added to your marketing database.
  • APPs- Concierge Apps should be a must by providing your guests information about your hotel including offers, events and much more.  According to recent surveys, 85% of smartphone users prefer apps to mobile websites.  They also reduce your printing cost on flyers and new guest directories!.


I am sure there are many more ways you can all think of, however by doing the above is a great start.

According to a recent survey we conducted, over 70% of hotels receive less than 35% of their total online reservations directly.  Every point that I have written above, I have implemented and was able to achieve 60% of my online reservations directly in my previous roles within hotels.  It can be done and it also does not need to break your marketing budget in doing so.

Talk to your providers or your team today and see how you can implement these during 2016, or alternatively, allow Hotelient to provide you with a free review on your general online positioning to ensure you are checking all the boxes.  Email us for further information

I am passionate about direct sales for hotels and I have put into practice what I believe. We cannot live without OTA´s, but we can take advantage of the many great technologies to ensure the hotel that we work for is getting a fair share of direct reservations.

Why content marketing is the single most important investment facing hotels in 2015.

Why content marketing is the single most important investment facing hotels in 2015.

Hotels are at present, at the start of an historic transformation – and it focuses on content.

Major Hotel chains are now marketing with content – that is, going beyond the traditional sales pitches and instead enhancing their brands by publishing or sharing relevant information, ideas, and entertainment that guests will value. The success of content marketing has radicalized the way hotels and resorts communicate. For innovative brands, an award-winning Tumblr now carries serious clout; hashtag campaigns have become as compelling as taglines; and the Digiday Awards are as coveted as the Stevies. The content marketing revolution signals more than a mere marketing fad. It marks an important new chapter in the history of tourism communications: the era of corporate enlightenment.

The phenomenon of content marketing and brand publishing has unfolded rapidly because it responds to consumer preference. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad. Even The New York Times admits that native advertisements can perform as well as the paper’s own news content. Brand publishing allows companies to react in real time, provide increased transparency, and create a strong brand identity at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing tactics, and in less time.


Yet where brand publishing has had the most profound impact is in empowering organizations to create, facilitate, and leverage the ownership of ideas. That’s largely because great sponsored content is born from a company’s exchange of proprietary knowledge.

When it’s done right, brand publishing encourages hotels to mine internal resources and expertise in order to become intellectual agents. Today, large chains like Marriott recently announced ( are becoming their own media companies, news bureaus, research universities, and social networks.

The rise of in-house broadcast further illustrates this. Big chains are recruiting top-talent journalists in droves and implementing the most successful aspects of the traditional media houses. Why? Because trained journalists and writers are in the best position to synthesize information, capture a reader’s attention, and uphold a critical editorial standard. That means establishing an organizational complex that pairs great writers with better editors and incorporates a discerning chain of command, with a managing editor at the helm.

Yet, it would be misguided to assume that corporations are simply transplanting the traditional newsroom. Branded content is a brave new world and a brand’s editorial team, regardless of how it’s organized, must learn to live and breathe a company’s bottom line while also being mindful of the kinds of stories that appeal to readers. The editorial organization within a corporation has to be independent enough to form unique perspectives, but embedded enough to access exclusive information.


This kind of commitment to storytelling and editorial integrity, albeit shaped by sponsorship, is undoubtedly how content marketing has begun to encroach on the whole of marketing. Content, it seems, has miraculously given brands a greater purpose.

Brands are no longer merely peddling products; they’re producing, unearthing, and distributing information. And because they do, the corporation becomes not just economically important to society, but intellectually essential as well.

Red Bull is a clear demonstration of the extraordinary results great brand publishing can bring. The company’s top-notch content resulted in the creation of an in-house content production arm, Red Bull Media House. Red Bull crafts content that isn’t just compelling, but lucrative in its own right, launching an entirely new ideas-based business for the beverage company.

Content, when it aligns with exemplary brand publishers of our time, gives hotels a new opportunity that didn’t necessarily exist in the last century. Conventional wisdom told hotels to keep knowledge quiet, to put “trade secrets” under indefinite embargo and to let exclusive information gather dust in corporate archives. But with the advent of the Internet, social media, and the dispersal of knowledge in every direction, corporations are in the unique position to distribute the information they’ve gathered in exchange for audiences, readership, and brand loyalty.

5 Shockingly simple ideas for creating engaging content that works for any hotel, without having to think

5 Shockingly simple ideas for creating engaging content that works for any hotel, without having to think

The majority of hotels have a Facebook page, twitter account, and google+ page. That is great but it is always a real struggle to post interesting content apart from the obligatory sharing of offers and upcoming events right? Well here is 5 proven ways to get you posting exciting content that helps generate online bookings without breaking into sweat!


  1. Video Reviews –Ask your Reception or public relations team to suggest to your clients, who have mentioned that they had a fantastic stay at your hotel, whether your team can record a 30 second video review. You do not need any fancy video cameras, just a smartphone recording a client what they think about their experience at your hotel or resort. Great content within a minute!
  2. Upload & Share – Get these reviews into your youtube channel and share it across your social media channels. Prospective clients love to see other clients talking about their stay. We all know the power of Tripadvisor, creating your own video reviews is taking it to the next level.
  3. Share your written testimonials – Most hotels have some form of online or written questionnaires, well don´t just keep them for the weekly internal meetings, start posting them on your social media. you can also promote the great comments you receive on Tripadvisor or
  4. Feature Videos – Got a great pool, wonderful lobby or a stunning suite? Well don´t just post photos, create your own 20-30 second videos describing how great they are and what your clients can find when you are there. Again no hi-tec equipment required, just invest in a tripod fit for a smartphone and you are ready. Just make sure you upload them to your Youtube channel and post across all your social media pages.
  5. Local Reviews – Your reception team recommend to your guests great places to go, best bars & restaurants, best beaches, etc all the time. Well why don´t your staff write a review about how great these places are and post online. All of you are local experts and can really provide your guests useful and informative information to explore your local area. If some of your staff like being in front of the camera, well get them to make a video about their experiences. Now you are motoring!


So, five great and easy ways to get engaging content for your social media pages that will provoke discussions and comments that drives more fans and more interactions. Do not use your social media just to post offers and photos of your hotel, engage in a whole new way, and have fun while you are doing it! Need help in guest marketing? Hotelient can help you get ahead online, for more information email us


Do hotels get measurable revenue from social media?

Do hotels get measurable revenue from social media?

Over the last few years, hotels have been rapidly contracting Community Managers to manage their social media sites, upload content and generally manage there presence on the brand website as well as maintaining content on other online sites that promote or review the hotel. They ensure that all promotions are uploaded and marketed online and in some hotels create adword campaigns and provide SEO. Hotels who have contracted a Community Manager feel they are relating better with their clients and General Managers are always happy when they see an increase in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Fans. More Fans = More Business and better client interaction right?


I have a few questions that might make you question this strategy and maybe get you to have a rethink a) Is the Content that you are uploading onto your social media sites interesting to your clients? b) How much business can you directly attribute to the work of the Community Manager? c)Who owns all your content, communities and Data?

Lets take the first question. To me this sums up content marketing so that almost anyone can understand it.

“Your audience don’t care about you, your products, or your services. They care about themselves, their wants, and their problems. Content Marketing is about creating interesting information your audience is passionate about, so they seek you out and actually pay attention to what you have to say.”

By having a community Manager that is just uploading promotions or talking about what is going on in your hotel does not fulfill their job description. They have to be publishing content that generates reactions and debate which may or may not be related to the hotel they are working for, which leads me onto question b. I asked 4 Hotel General Managers. 2 from City Centers and 2 from Resorts, how many reservations have they received as a direct result of the work of the Community Manager and I was amazed with their answers. Not one of them could provide me with a figure, all of them boasted how many fans they had and also the regular content they were publishing with only one of the GMs saying that they used the Community Manager to increase their marketing database. At leasts theirs one, I thought! Finally a Community Manager producing a quantifiable result for their hotel.


The work of any Community Manager should be focused in increasing your marketing database & your online conversions, uploading content that gets fans engagement on the various social media sites and managing your hotels or resorts reputation.

There is though one final bit missing which leads me on to question c. Do you own all your content that you publish on social media sites, do you own your fans and data? The answer is NO, THEY DO!! So how can we change this and gain control? By creating your own social website! A relatively new concept coming from the states but one sure to take off, which is to create website where you place all your social conversations, promotions, content & Reviews. Where the fans you build are YOUR FANS, Where the content you share is YOUR CONTENT and where the data you gain from your hard efforts is YOUR DATA that can be used to market your hotel or resort in more traditional means like email camaigns. So the work of your Community Manager with a Social Website can now actually be about increasing your social fan base which will always stay with you and in your control. You still have to publish content with the other social media sites but the generation of content is done and controlled on your social website and shared across the other channels,


Hotelient can help your hotel get ahead. We can work with your community manager in the configuration and setup of your social website so your investment in social media is now producing tangible results. Email us at for more information.

Are hotels doing enough to increase their online conversions?

What is a typical hotel online marketing strategy?  You need to visible everywhere, on social media, blogs, email campaigns, great looking web & easy to use booking engine.   You start pushing content and publishing it everywhere.  You hire a community manager or you contract a company to do it for you.  Fantastic, bit by bit you increase your followers and presence.  Occasionaly you do a competition on Facebook or instagram to give your pages a push.  Everything is great right?  You feel you are covering all the bases.  Now onto sending newsletters by email, you send them out frequently, you rely on your reception team to input the correct email address into your PMS and hope that the guest has given you the right one! You feel your reaching your clients and you try and incentivize them to come back and stay with you with promotions.  You do business card and other internal promotions to increase your database.  Your community manager also does SEO & SEM as well as adword campaigns to increase your visibility in google keyword searches.  You feel you are doing everything to maximise your sales and online conversions.  Sound Familiar?


The majority of hotels in the UK & Europe are doing all of the above and are increasing slowly their online conversions, However this has been the industry standard for the last few years, even though technology has moved on since then. Today a hotel can make it even easier to connect with more potential clients and not rely on your operational staff.

Technology can automate a lot of processes that hotels do manually.  To demonstrate this, below is a list of marketing actions that you can do today:-

  • Obtain a email address of all the occupants in a guest room
  • Obtain a email address of a non resident
  • Obtain a email address of a visitor to your web
  • Obtain a email address of participants that enter a competition on Social media
  • Increase your Facebook fans daily without any promotions or new content

Are you doing all or any of the above?  Are you increasing daily your marketing database?

All the above can be put in place quickly and without major investment. Another key benefit is that it does not involve your staff, so they can concentrate on providing great service for your guests.

In hotels that we have installed this technology, we have seen over 400% increase in their marketing database. By increasing the amount of clients contact details to your database, you are increasing your visibility and therefore increasing your conversions.


This is a great first step for your hotel, you also need to ensure you have a responsive web and booking engine that can work to ensure clients book with you, not the OTA´s or your competitors.

With the recent changes to the way Hotels price themselves online, it is imperative that you are capturing as much data as you can, which will enable you to maximize your direct bookings.  Relying on the OTA´s in the long term is not a winning strategy, creating a powerful marketing database that can be used to drive direct bookings should be a key part of your long term digital marketing objectives.