Hospitality Lawyers In Spain

Specialised Lawyers in Hotels & Resorts

Within our Legal Department, Our hospitality lawyers have in depth knowledge  and can provide our clients with the highest quality of specialized legal services.

Our legal team can help you address a variety of issues within your hotel such as fiscal, commercial, intellectual, etc.).

Our specialised Hospitality lawyers cover the following areas:

  • Legal-tax design of investments for hotels & resorts
  • Acquisition of hotels & Resorts (hotel chains, operating companies or hotel owners).
  • Bankruptcy legal support for Hotels and Resorts that go into administration. (Workouts, bankruptcies, receiverships & foreclosures)
  • Audit of the fiscal situation of your hotel. Perform Due diligence reviews of the main legal and tax issues.
  • Analysis, drafting and negotiation of contracts in general and, in particular, those whose purpose is the provision of services (hotel management, hotel leasing and renting,).
  • Legal Procedural services for any disputes arising from acquisitions and sales that have been carried out. Litigation with clients and/or suppliers.
  • Legal and tax aspects of business and asset financing (asset finance of hotels & Resorts).
  • Processing and obtaining administrative permits and licenses for the opening or Hotels & Resorts.
  • Labor advice. hiring & management of personnel