Revenue Management

Revenue management is a crucial aspect for all hotels as it allows you to unlock your profit potential. We will research rates across your competing hotel brands, taking into account all relevant factors that may affect results like busy and shoulder days as well as peak seasons. Our hotel revenue management solution includes reviewing current property level rates and hotel tiering systems to make sure your rates are exactly where they need to be to bring in more guests.

We’ll also review every appearance of your property information across all channels, from Global Distribution Systems to online directories and third-party travel site. We ensure that concise and accurate information about the hotel displays online and to travel agents via GDS. We’ll highlight your unique selling features and specials so you stand out from your competitors and in your market.

The hotel revenue management consulting process also extends to analyzing how your staff sells your hotel. Do they sell top-down or are they selling at the lowest available rate? Don’t get sold short and don’t devalue your product. Make sure the hotel amenities and services you’ve worked so hard to build are getting you a maximum return on investment.

hotelient – we help Hotel & Resorts ulock their true profit potential by harrnessing the power of revenue management