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    Hotel Management & Marketing Specialists

    Hotelient was established to help independent hotel owners gain access to the skill levels that larger hotels and chains can afford to hire in-house. The problem is, that the playing field is rigged in favour of hotels that have budgets to maintain an experienced team of experts in house. When independent hoteliers engage with Hotelient, the playing field is reset and they can compete and win against bigger brands and chains, whilst growing revenue and profits.
    Using our unique O.R.D.E.R™ management method, hotel owners are able to maximise the return on investment of their assets.
    With over 30 years of experience in Hotels Sales, Marketing & Management, we are fully qualified to offer your hotel or resort the necessary services to maximise your reservations, increase RevPar whilst simultaneously optimising your hotel operational profits. The best part is that it is normally cost neutral to engage Hotelient as we cover our fees with our results in the first year.
    With offices based in the UK as well as Southern Spain, we offer our clients on site presence in order to better execute our management methodology.
    Hotelient approaches every hotel as if it were our own. We believe a hotel management company should be more than an advisor. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with their objectives, and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.
    We believe that every independent hotel should have its own story, a fair opportunity to compete on a level playing field, delight their guests, provide local employment whilst returning a stress free profit for the owners.

    "Using our Renowned O.R.D.E.R™ management method, hotel owners are able to maximise the return on investment of their assets."
    John Kearney
    DIrector & Founder

    How we help your Hotel or Resort

    Hospitality Lawyers in Spain

    Within our Legal Department, Our hospitality lawyers have in-depth knowledge and can provide our clients with the highest quality of specialized legal services.

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    Acquisition and Sale of Hotel Properties

    Hotelient covers the a wide range of  hotel properties, from three to four-star hotels to Hotel Beach and Golf Resorts. Our funds require a wide variety of excellent hotel properties.

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    Hotel Management

    Hotelient can help rebuild the profitability in hotel and resort properties by exercising management control, direction and measurement to restore achievable returns and to maximize value-added assets by revenue and capital growth

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    Technology is at the heart of Hotelient, from data security to revealing key performance indicators. We help your Hotel & Resort choose the right technology to fit your requirements and long-term goals

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    Up-selling & Cross-selling

    Hotelient helps increase your hotels TREVPAR (Total Revenue per available room) by introducing to your staff Upselling and Cross Selling techniques and initiatives.

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    HMAAS – Hotel Marketing as a Service

    HMAAS  – The Best way for hotels to improve their online presence and profitability without any Initial Investment

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    Sales & Marketing

    Hotelient exceptional sales and marketing support helps each hotel achieve substantial revenue growth and improved revenue per available room

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    Revenue Management

    Revenue management is a crucial aspect for all hotels as it allows you to unlock your profit potential. We will research rates across your competing hotel brands, taking into account all relevant factors that may affect results like busy and shoulder days as well as peak seasons.

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    Hotelient is adynamic Hotel Consulting & Marketing company that offers its services to a wide range of Hotels & Resorts.  We look after a diverse international portfolio of top performing hotels, ranging from small boutique hotels, 5-star resorts, and even small B&B´s
    Keeping up with the latest developments in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly.
    We will hold your hand all the way in setting the right priorities and focus on action steps that generate an effective ROI. We help you turn around the performance of your hotel and drive up your financial results.


    We help owners and hotel managers optimize the performance of ROI, From restructuring the team to correctly segmenting the type of clients to ensure best practices are introduced to maximize revenue results

    Hotelient has over 15 years of experience in Hotel and Sales Management, with a proven track record of delivering results.  From implementing a new team for a new opening to preparing sales strategies to increase average rates and revenues.  Our experience and know-how can put your hotel ahead of your competition.

    Once you get in touch with us, We will set up a meeting normally with both the Owner and Hotel Manager to understand your current situation and what are your key objectives.  Once we have the necessary information and carried extensive research of your local market and competition, we then present a roadmap on the way forward to deliver ROI.

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