Get connected to Google – the next big OTA

GOOGLE-hotel-finderGoogle Hotel Finder has been around for a number of years mainly as an experiment, but over the last few months Google has started displaying Google Hotel results aggressively in SERPs (search engine result pages) in mainland Europe, making it important that your hotel is listed.

Google Hotel Finder is designed to be a one-stop-shop for accommodation planning. It is designed to display relevant information from many hotels that fit your search criteria, and then give you reservation options.

google_hotel_finder_-_availability_search_on_google_main_results_pageOver the last few months, Google incorporated Hotel Finder listings into standard search queries. Google ‘london hotels’ and you find a Hotel Finder search box at the top of the list. This is valuable real estate in the SERP Google could be using to place more AdWords ads. It is clear that guests are starting to adopt Hotel Finder, so by having a prominent listing with many guest reviews will be important to stand out among the crowd for local queries.


How hotelient can get your hotel get connected and selling via Googlehpa_logo-2

Today, Google populates Google Hotel Finder with up-to-date information about your hotel’s inventory availability by tapping into OTA´s. In order to start selling directly, firstly, you need to send your rates to Google

If you do not change your rates regularly, we can set you up manually without the hassle of connecting your channel manager or booking engine.

Secondly, we advise and manage your google HPA (Hotel Price Ads) and RLSA (Remarketing list for Search Ads) campaigns. We ensure that you are maximizing your ROI in the right areas with the best campaigns with the simple aim of increasing your direct reservations.